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Are you looking for Construction Workers or any other types of Skilled or Semi-skilled Manpower from Bangladesh or Asia? But don’t know where to find? We would love to provide you with the best Recruitment and Outsourcing solutions and it won’t let you down.


STI Manpower is one of the reputed Headhunting, Skill Assessment and Manpower sourcing agencies in Bangladesh which has been in Manpower Recruitment Industry for more than 20 years, duly certified by Bangladesh Government under the Ministry of Expatriates’ Welfare & Overseas Employment which facilitates professionally managed outflow of work force from Bangladesh to overseas destinations. It also has close cooperative partnerships with many local and international prominent recruitment agencies.

Despite countless manpower and employment recruitment agencies operating in Bangladesh, STI Manpower realized that there was a demand for a professionally managed recruitment agency to bridge the gap between opportunities and the opportunity seekers and thus the company came into existence. The overall position of the company has been to go all out for quality and thereby become the principal source of sustainable, secure, and efficient manpower resource solutions provider. The respected status STI holds today bears testimony to the measure of success that the company has achieved over the years.

At STI, we leverage our unique expertise in professional recruitment essentials, as well as a deep understanding of local and international manpower recruitment processes, to provide comprehensive HR services and recruitment solutions that excel in our manpower potentials. These services revolve around STI’s proven global competencies.

We preserve an excellent database to provide international placements in all major environmental areas. STI Manpower has experienced employees with extensive knowledge of the international industries. We primarily place job seekers in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Singapore, Oman, Qatar, and Bahrain. However, we are gradually expanding our client base to other countries such as Malta, Poland, Croatia, Albania, and Romania, and so on. STI works in tandem with several international recruitment consultancies, assisting with overseas immigration and international work permit legislation advice. Indeed, providing immigration advice is often a service that we offer as part of their recruitment offer to potential and current clients.

Whether it’s helping an unemployed youth to join the workforce, or finding a white-collar job abroad, our reward comes from knowing that we are making a real difference, today and tomorrow. Because of our relationship with both employers and individuals, we are uniquely positioned to determine where current and future skills gaps are, identify people who need help engaging with the workforce and develop solutions that bring these two groups together, mutually benefiting both. In this way, STI functions as a “BRIDGE” to employment for many who would otherwise be unemployed

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As an one-stop manpower recruitment  agency, STI Manpower is committed in providing the best Recruitment and Outsourcing facilities.


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 RECRUITMENT: As one of the well-known Manpower Recruitment Agencies in Bangladesh, we provide both temporary and permanent services. Moreover, we source, screen, aggregate, train and develop skill sets in our in-house training facility to provide world-class skilled and technical individuals as per client’s requirements. We specialize in both Blue-Collar and White-Collar workforce Hiring. As an experienced manpower recruitment solutions, we provide world-class placement related services to Various Industries such as MEP, Construction, Hotels, Hospitals, Petrochemical Plants, Oil—exploration, production, transportation & refining, other industries like Cement, Steel, Engineering, and Utilities such as Power Plants, etc. 

Most importantly, we have the strength of qualified professionals who work with full dedication to ensure that the best quality services are being provided to the client organizations. With experience and expertise in this field, we effectively understand the different needs of the clients and accordingly provide customized solutions. Since the establishment of our company, we have set up a strong foothold in the recruitment industry serving reputed clients over the years. We are offering services to the clients at very reasonable charges


Best recruitment and outsourcing agency in Bangladesh

 OUTSOURCING: We provide managed recruitment solutions across Asia, Arica, and Europe. Our consultative collaborative approach aims to reduce client’s indicators such as time-to-fill and retention. Furthermore, STI Manpower possesses a Data Bank of experienced manpower local and overseas from which clients can select required and appropriate manpower based on their needs.

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We have been in the staffing and recruitment industry since 1999. As an expert Manpower Recruitment Agency, we know employees are the most valuable asset of an organization and the key to success; it’s our job to find you the perfect talent to help drive your business forward. On-boarding and training new employees is expensive; we reduce your hiring costs by finding the right employee(s) the first time.

Every company’s staffing needs are different.  We take the time to assess and understand your business, so we can proactively source and screen highly skilled employees for your specific hiring needs, making the hiring process more efficient, saving you time and money.

Strong communication, personal engagement, and integrity are key in any relationship. We make recruitment easier for you by remaining engaged throughout the entire employment process, always providing regular updates on our search progress. We provide an honest, genuine, value add approach when recruiting for your business.

Finding the right employee fit is not always easy, but it’s crucial to the success of both our clients’ businesses as well as our own, and it’s at the core of what we do.